Species: N.vectensis
Alias: Nvec_6489
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Phosphatases were first clustered by sequence similarity in the phosphatase domain, and additional information from domains outside of the catalytic domain, from evolutionary conservation, and from known functions was added. The result is a hybrid classification, in which no criterion is universally satisfied, but aims to be of practical use to a range of phosphatase interests. The classification grows as new phosphatomes are sequenced.

Superfamily: Cx5R-I
Family: Myotubularin
Subfamily: C2-MTMR1
Protein domain

Protein domains of Nvec_6489.AA. The domains are annotated by HMM profiles from Pfam and SMART, as well as in-house data which includes HMMs of each individual kinase group, family and subfamily. Here is domain list in details, including sequence identity, significance and alignment. In particular, you can find can find the best hit phosphatase group/family/subfamily, which is helpful to understand the relationship between phosphatases. Transmembrane region is predicted by TMHMM 2.0. Visualized by pviz.

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Domain Protein name Domain Name Range Identity (%) Significance Score Profile Source Profile Range (length) Alignment
Phosphatase Nvec_6489.AA Family.Myotubularin.PD 1-70 56 5.9e-31 95.4 In-house 68-140 (141) Show / Hide
Range on Protein: 1-70
Range on HMM: 68-140/141
Sequence Identity: 56% (41 aa)

| |. |.|||||||.||||.|..||||    .  ..|||.||||.|||.|..||||.||.|....|.|..||.

Phosphatase Nvec_6489.AA Subfamily.C2-MTMR1.PD 2-71 63 6.2e-41 128.0 In-house 68-137 (137) Show / Hide
Range on Protein: 2-71
Range on HMM: 68-137/137
Sequence Identity: 63% (44 aa)

|. ..|||||||..|||.|..|||.....|.|||||||||||..||.|||||||..||..||||||... 

Phosphatase Nvec_6489.AA Subfamily.MTMR1.PD 1-70 54 5.3e-29 89.2 In-house 76-148 (149) Show / Hide
Range on Protein: 1-70
Range on HMM: 76-148/149
Sequence Identity: 54% (40 aa)

| |  |.|||||||.||||.| .|.||     . ..|||.||||.|||||| .|||.||.|. ..|. . ||.

Phosphatase Nvec_6489.AA Subfamily.MTMR3.PD 2-70 48 1e-26 81.8 In-house 63-134 (135) Show / Hide
Range on Protein: 2-70
Range on HMM: 63-134/135
Sequence Identity: 48% (34 aa)

.  |.||.|.||..|||.| || || .     ..|.|.|||.||||.|..||||..|.|.  .|.||..|  

Name Sequence Type Origin Length Description Download
Nvec_6489.AA Protein None 114 None Fasta, JSON
Nvec_6489.NA RNA None 342 None Fasta, JSON