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Phosphatase Classification: Fold CC1: Superfamily CC1: Family DSP: Subfamily DSP23

DSP23 is a nuclear phosphatase found in metazoa but lost in most ecdysozoa.


DSP23 is found in metazoa but lost in nematodes and most arthropods (unpublished data from gOrtholog). It has a single human member, DUSP23 (VHZ).


DSP23 has a single domain, the phosphatase domain. Sequence and structure show that it is the shortest known DSP [1].


Human DUSP23 dephosphorylates Ser322 on GCM1 (Glial cells missing homolog 1), a transcription factor essential for placental development. The dephosphorylation promotes GCM1 acetylation [2].

DSP23 is also called VHZ for its similarity with VHR phosphatase. Different from MAP kinases phosphatases which negatively regulate MAP kinases such as JNK and p38, DSP23 has been reported to enhance activation of JNK and p38 [3]. Human DSP23 locates at centrosome in MCF-7 cells and is proposed to be involved in cell growth and human primary cancers. [4].


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