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Welcome to Phosphatome.Net!

Phosphatome.Net focuses on the functions, evolution and diversity of protein phosphatases, the key regulators of cell behavior. This includes our database, wiki, tools, publications and supporting materials. was published in 16th Protein Phosphorylation and Cell Signaling (2010) and Keystone Symposia: The Evolution of Protein Phosphorylation (2011), where we reported the phosphatomes of 8 organisms from yeast to human (poster and citation). opened its database 2.0 version to public in 2012, adding the phosphatome of Dictyostelium discoideum. 2.0 comes with the database, wiki and tools. The database is designed for the access to the structured data of protein phosphatases, such as their sequences and classification; The wiki is designed to archive our knowledge and analyses which do not fit into traditional publication; The tools are bioinformatics programs or webservices which may aid in phosphatase study.

We are migrating to 3.0, which reflects the state-of-the-art protein phosphatomes with the additional folds and families.