Phosphatase Subfamily CelePPP-sf4

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Phosphatase Classification: Fold PPPL: Superfamily PPPL: Family PPP: Subfamily CelePPP-sf4

This is a nematodes-specific subfamily of PPP phosphatases, implicated in spermatogenesis


CelePPP-sf4 is found in nematodes, with 10 members in C. elegans.


The CelePPP-sf4 subfamily has a single known structural domain, PPP domain. One member (C09H5.7) has a weak signal peptide, but it is not conserved and may be a false positive.


Two members, gsp-3 and gsp-4 have been characterized as important for spermatogesis in C. elegans [1]. They are required for chromosome partitioning in meiosis and for sperm motility. Nematodes lack flagellae and centrosomes, and use a pseudopod-based motility, suggesting that this may be part of this nematode-specific apparatus. gsp-3/4 can also interact with MEMI proteins that are involved in female meiosis, post-fertilization [2].

A member from Haemonchus contortus is expressed only in males [3].


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