Phosphatase Subfamily PP2D1

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Phosphatase Classification: Fold PPM (PP2C): Superfamily PPM (PP2C): Family PPM (PP2C): Subfamily PP2D1


The PP2D1 subfamily is found in eumetazoans but is frequently lost. It is absent from major model systems including Drosophila, C. elegans and zebrafish. It has a single human member, PP2D1 (C3orf48).


The PP2D1 subfamily has a single structural domain: the phosphatase domain. It has a predicted nuclear localization signal (NLS) using NLS mapper and NLStradamus. Protein Atlas reports it to be found in the nucleoplasm and intermediate filaments, by high-throughput antibody staining.


The only publications on any member of the subfamily are showing high-throughput interaction between human PP2D2 and the amyloid protein Abeta [1]


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