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Phosphatase Classification: Fold PPPL: Superfamily PPPL: Family PPP: Subfamily PPP2C (PP2A, catalytic subunit)

PPP2C is the catalytic subunit of the holoenzyme PP2A. PP2A is heterotrimer consisting of a core dimer of two catalytic (C) subunits and an A regulatory subunit, along with one (C) and regulatory subunit A (PR65), and a third regulatory subunit B-type [1]. Multiple genes encode each subunits, which resulting in a total of about 75 different holoenzyme compositions [2].


PPP2C is found throughout eukaryotes. Human has two PPP2C: PPP2CA and PPP2CB, along with two A subunits (PPP2R1A, PPP2R1B) and at least 12 B regulatory subunits. Most invertebrates have a single copy of the catalytic subunit, and yeast has two PPH21 and PPH22.


PPP1C has a single domain - phosphatase domain. The activity of phosphatase is inhibited by binding to Zinc2+ in vitro [3].


PP2A accounts for the majority of phospho-serine/threonine phosphatase activity in most cells and is involved in the regulation of nearly every cellular process, including multiple inflammatory signaling pathways [4], cell cycle progression, autophagy [5], DNA replication, gene transcription and protein translation [6, 7]. It is considered to be a principal guardian against tumorigenic transformation [8]. Some viruses target this protein to hijack the host cell [1].

PP2A controls the activity of at least 50 different kinases by directly interaction or linked via a anchoring protein. PP2A not only integrate signals within phoshorylation cascades but also to be the focal point of a distinct post-translational modification, reversible protein methylation [2]. Here are some examples of PP2A functions:

  • Hedgehog signaling. PP2A functions with PPFIA1 to promote the dephosphorylation of Kif7, triggering Kif7 localization to the tips of primary cilia and promoting Gli transcriptional activity. Both Kif7 and Gli are components in Hedgehog signaling [9]. (PS: Interestingly, PPFIA1 is known as interacting partner with tyrosine phosphatase PTPRF.)
  • PP2A/B55 complex dephosphorylates heat shock factor 1. The regulatory subunit B55 directly binds to HSF1 [10].
  • PP2A-B56ϵ complex is involved in dephosphorylation of γ-H2AX in the repair process of topoisomerase I inhibitor camptothecin-induced DNA double-strand breaks [11].

PP2A is regulated by Lyn, a Src kinase, through phosphorylation at Tyr-307 [12].


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