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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain
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Protein Domain

Genes (10)

Select Gene Species Classification Alias
PDP1 Human PPM : PPM : PDP MGC119646, FLJ32517, PDP, PDP1, PDPC, PDH, PPM2C, FLJ56179
PDP2 Human PPM : PPM : PDP PPM2C2, PDP2, KIAA1348
spur_hmm3896,hmm185598 Sea urchin PPM : PPM : PDP spur_hmm3896,hmm185598
Pdp Fruit fly PPM : PPM : PDP Pdp
ZK973.3 Nematode PPM : PPM : PDP ZK973.3
nvec_100712 Starlet sea anemone PPM : PPM : PDP nvec_100712
nvec_228005 Starlet sea anemone PPM : PPM : PDP nvec_228005
g29173.t1 Sponge PPM : PPM : PDP g29173.t1
mbre_32270 Monosiga PPM : PPM : PDP mbre_32270
PTC5 Yeast PPM : PPM : PDP Ser133 of Pda1, PTC5, which is the E1alpha subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex.