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Phosphatase Glossary: Holozoa

Holozoa [1] are a group of eukaryotes that include all animals (Metazoans) as well as the closely-related unicellular Choanoflagellates (sequenced genomes include Monosiga brevicollis and Salpingoeca rosetta), and the more basal clades Filasteria (e.g. Capsaspora owczarzaki and Ministeria vibrans) [2] and Ichthyosporea (fish parasites including Amoebidium parasiticum). These unicellular holozoa (sometimes called Choanozoa, though this is most likely to be paraphyletic) have a large number of kinases and other genes that were previously thought to be animal-specific [3, 4, 5] and so are of strong interest to understand the origins of animals. The closest major out-group of the holozoa are the fungi.


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