Phosphatase Family SSU72

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Phosphatase Classification: Superfamily CC2: Family SSU72

SSU72 is a nearly pan-eukaryotic phosphatase of the RNA polymerase C-terminal domain.


SSU72 is found in most eukaryotes, but is lost in most excavates and some chromalveolates. It is usually present in one copy, but humans also have 8 SSU72 retrogenes of unknown function.

Domain Architecture

SSU72 consist of just a phosphatase domain, with no N- or C-terminal extensions.


The phosphatase activity of Ssu72 is important for Pol II transcription and termination and for gene looping. It catalyzes CTD Serine-5 dephosphorylation in association with the Pta1 component of the CPF complex. In yeast, Ssu72 is required for pre-mRNA 3’-end cleavage, but so far no evidence exists implicating mammalian Ssu72 in that processing [1] [2].


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