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Technical Notes: Phosphatome_Computational_Tools_and_Resources


PTP.cshl focuses on protein tyrosine phosphatases. It was launched in 2011 and provided a most complete census on human protein tyrosine phosphatases [1]. However, the content of the web site seems not updated since 2005.


PhosphaBase (PhB) is a database of protein phosphatases and contains information about their protein sequences [2]. It is not updated any more, though.


DEPOD is the human DEPhOsphorylation Database is a manually curated database collecting human active phosphatases, their experimentally verified protein and non-protein substrates and dephosphorylation site information, and pathways in which they are involved. Link


HuPho is an on-line web resource developed by the Molecular Genetics Group at the Department of Biology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, to assist scientists in the task of recovering information about human phosphatases. The web site is designed to retrieve information about 245 proteins either containing a phosphatase domain or experimentally characterized as regulatory subunits. Link


PTP-central focuses on protein tyrosine phosphatases. It uses the same classification schema as the landmark work of Alonso et al. [3]. It comes with a tool (Y-Phosphatomer) to scan protein tyrosine phosphatases from genomes, and updated the total number of human protein tyrosine phosphatase to 109 [4].

GeneNet™ Phosphatase shRNA Library

GeneNet™ Phosphatase shRNA Library provides a list of 244 phosphatases, but some genes on the list are probably not phosphatases, such as discs and speedy homolog A, SIRPA and etc.


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