What is the difference between phosphatase database and wiki?

Phosphatase database focuses on data, e.g. phosphatase sequence, domain combination and classification. Phosphatase wiki is a knowledge base of phosphatases, with focus on their evolution, function and case-by-case analysis.

Cannot find the phosphatomes of your interested species?

You can find protein phosphatases of your interested species by using Phosphatase Scanner and classify them by using Phosphatase Classifier. To obtain a comprehensive and high quality phosphatome, you are recommended to scan both proteome and translated genomic sequences, and then curate the gene models of these protein phosphatases. You can contact Mark J Chen or Gerard Manning for more information and/or collaboration.

Who is behind Phosphatome.Net?

Mark J. Chen and Gerard Manning. If you are interesting in collaborating, please contact Mark J Chen or Gerard Manning.

How to cite Phosphatome.Net?

Manuscript under preparation.


We thank all the people from Bioinformatics group at Salk Institute from 2010-2012. We'd also like thank our collaborators from Jack Dixon's lab at UC San Diego.