Phosphatase Fold CC1

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Phosphatase Classification: Fold CC1

Fold CC1 has a single superfamily CC1.


We carried out structural alignment analysis of the crystal structures of five phosphatases of different families (Paladin and OCA has no structure), including human DUSP3 (DSP), PTEN (PTEN), PTPN1 (PTP), MTMR2 (myotubularin) and yeast Sac1p (Sac) (family names in parentheses). We compared the secondary structures and identified the common and family-specific secondary structures (SSs).

All the five phosphatases share the same secondary structure (SS) combination of E2, E3, H2, E4, E11, H3, E12, H4, H5, H6 (E denotes beta strand, H denotes helix, SS numbered by PTP [1]).


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