Phosphatase Subfamily CG42327

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Phosphatase Classification: Superfamily CC1: Family PTP: Subfamily CG42327

CG42327 is a receptor PTP found in metazoa, of unknown function and distribution.


CG42327 is defined by the Drosophila melanogaster CG42327 gene. Clear orthologs exist in most arthropods. Possible orthologs exist in several other metazoa, including Amphimedon (AquePTP-Un-2), Monosiga (MbrePTP-Un-8) and S. purpuratus (SpurPTP-Un-2), as well as other varied metazoa such as Lingula anatina (Lingula anatina) and Crassostrea gigas (XP_011444263.1).

Domain Structure

Drosophila CG42327 has a strong signal peptide and single TM region. The extracellular region is low complexity with no known domains, and the intracellular region contains a PTP phosphatase domain. The signal peptide - TM - phosphatase architecture is also seen in many arthropod orthologs and in Amphimedon AquePTP-Un-2, and the signal peptide is also seen in an alternate isoform of (XP_011669700.1) the S. purpuratus gene, along with it's closest ortholog, Saccoglossus kowalevskii XP_006811223.1. The Monosiga putative ortholog has a PDZ domain C-terminal to the phosphatase domain but not signal peptide or TM region, and it's close orthologs in S. rosetta or Monosiga ovata have the same architecture.




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