Phosphatase Subfamily Ptp69D

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Phosphatase Classification: Superfamily CC1: Family PTP: Subfamily Ptp69D

PTP69D is a receptor PTP family involved in metazoan neural development.


PTP69D is found in bilateral metazoans, but appears to be lost in vertebrates, though the vertebrate PTPRA family is highly similar in phosphatase domain sequence to PTP69D.

Domain Structure

These have dual intracellular PTP phosphatases domains and extracllular Ig and FN3 repeats. Phosphatase domains are most similar to PTPRA, a vertebrate-specific family with a shorter extracellular region with an endomucin-like domain.


C. elegans clr-1 is involved in the FGFR signaling pathway, where it suppresses the egl-15 RTK [1] and is involved in netrin-dependent axonal guidance [2]. Drosophila Ptp69D is also involved in axonal guidance [3], in part by antagonizing Abl kinase signaling [4].


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