Phosphatase Subfamily cf60

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Phosphatase Classification: Fold HP: Superfamily HP: Family HP, branch 2 (HP2): Subfamily cf60


Cf60 is found in in many amoebozoa. Cf60 is also found in a few scattered additional eukaryotes including Capsaspora owczarzaki, Amphimedon queenslandica, and Nematostella vectensis, but in their closest organisms, there is no confident hit of cf60 (by BLASTing the cf60 sequences of dicty, sponge and nematostella against protein nr database).


Cf60 has single domain, a HP2 phosphatase domain. It also has a signal peptide cleavage site.

Catalytic activity and functions

Cf60 is a component of a secreted 450-kDa complex of proteins called counting factor (CF), through which Dictyostelium discoideum cells sense and regulate the size of groups and fruiting bodies using. Recombinant CF60 does not have acid phosphatase activity [1].


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