Phosphatase Subfamily CUT

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Phosphatase Classification: Fold HAD: Superfamily HAD: Family NagD: Subfamily CUT

Cut genes are related to other eukaryotic NagD phosphatases, but have not been shown to have protein phosphatase activity.


This family is present throughout eukaryotes, mostly single-copy but with several duplications [1]. It is lost from Drosophila but present in other arthropods.


CUT has a single domain, HAD domain.


Cut proteins are localized to the mitochondria [2, 3]. CECR5, the human Cut gene, has been shown to associate with ICT1, a mitochondrial peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase [4] and yeast Cut (YKR070W) genetically interacts with PTH1, a related aminoacyl tRNA hydrolase. A Neurospora homolog, cut-1 is expressed in a light-dependent manner and required for response to osmotic stress [5]. A PhD thesis reports that YKR070W shows phosphatase activity against sugar and glycerol phosphates (, p129).


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