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Phosphatase Classification: Fold CC1: Superfamily CC1: Family Myotubularin: Subfamily MTMR10

MTMR10 is a metazoan pseudophosphatase that interacts with active myotubularins.


MTMR10 is found in most metazoa. Humans have 3 genes: MTMR10, MTMR11, MTMR12, and most invertebrates have one.

Domain Structure

MTMR10 subfamily has three domains: GRAM, phosphatase domain and coiled-coil domain. The GRAM domain is similar in structure to the PH domain and is found in membrane-associated proteins.

Two of the three sponge MTMR10s have a Death domain and a DUF3584 domain flanking the phosphatase domains. Death domains bind each other forming oligomers. DUF3584 is close to AAA+ superfamily. They do not have a GRAM or coiled-coil domain. The third sponge member is a fragment copy of one of the other two.

Catalytic activity and functions

MTMR10 and MTM12 interact with MTMR2 [1], and MTMR12 also with MTM1 [2], both of the MTMR1 subfamily. In human, mouse and zebrafish, loss of MTMR12 destabilizes MTM1[3], and in zebrafish, gives a similar disease phenotype to loss of MTM1. Similar interactions between other subfamilies of active and inactive myotubularins are seen, usually mediated by the coiled-coil interaction domains.


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