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Phosphatase Classification: Fold CC1: Superfamily CC1: Family Myotubularin: Subfamily MTMR9

MTMR9 is a conserved pseudophosphatase across holozoan. It regulates active phosphatases of subfamily MTMR6.


MTMR9 is found throughout holozoan. It is usually single copy per genome.

Domain Structure

MTMR9 subfamily has three domains: PH/GRAM, phosphatase domain and coiled-coil domain. The GRAM domain is similar to PH domain in structure and is found in membrane-associated proteins. As shown in MTMR3 subfamily, PH/GRAM domain can bind to phosphoinositide lipids. Coiled-coil domain has been shown to mediate the interaction between MTMR9 and members of MTMR6 in human [1, 2, 3].

Catalytic activity and functions

MTMR9 is an inactive phosphatase (pseudophosphatase). MTMR9 binds to phosphatases of MTMR6 subfamily: MTMR6 [2], MTMR7 [1], MTMR8 [3]. The interactions increase the enzymatic activity of these phosphatases. The interaction between MTMR9 and members of MTMR6 subfamily is also observed in C. elegans [4].


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